qualified Fitness Trainers


  • Second Position in MR. Karachi, MENZ Physique, 2021
  • First Position in BECF Physique, Karachi, 2020
  • Second Position in IIA Campionship, Lahore, 2023

Zaid Ali

Presenting Zaid Ali, our Qualified Fitness Trainer—a genuine manifestation of commitment and enthusiasm. He is a live example of what unrelenting commitment and unceasing hard work can accomplish, not simply a fitness fanatic.

When Zaid Ali entered the Men’s body competition stage, both judges and onlookers were in awe of his body. He took home the well-deserved title of first runner-up, which says volumes about his skill in the fitness world. His physique is perfectly carved.

Zaid Ali is the ideal fitness guru with his unwavering focus on balanced diet, customized workout regimens, and unshakable discipline.
You may be sure that Zaid Ali, our virtual gym‘s director, will be teaching you under the direction of an actual fitness guru. His years of focused training and encouraging style guarantee that every session is more than just a workout—rather, it’s a step toward reaching your own fitness goals.